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Sew Mary Mac Sews Miss Mary Mack

Does this title confuse you? Can you say that five times fast? Regardless~ one thing you shouldn’t be confused about is whether or not you need the Miss Mary Mack Tunic pattern in your library. If you want my opinion, that is a definite YES!

Little Vivi Lou (my little grand niece) is turning one in less than a week~ and that means that it was time for Aunt Mary to sew up some more cute clothes. I was so excited to sew up a whole bunch of Miss Mary Mack tunics for her! It is such an adorable and timeless style!

The Miss Mary Mack is just $5 today as one of the Love Notions Feature Friday patterns. Keep reading to learn about 2 others that are $5 today too!! Even if you don’t have any little ones to sew for, this is a great pattern to have on hand. You never know when you might need it. Read my tips below for another idea for this timeless tunic!


The Miss Mary Mack is a classic and simple tunic length top designed for knit fabrics. It pairs perfectly with leggings or bike shorts. It can also be a great “grow with me” pattern, as it can begin as a short dress(if lengthened), move on to a tunic and end up as a top!

This is a really quick sew~ I whipped up 5 for my little Vivi Lou in just one day!

Miss Mary Mack Tunics for Vivi Lou’s 1st Birthday! All cotton lycra jersey from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


  • 2 Bodice styles: Straight and curved. (I prefer the curved bodice, therefore all of my versions are curved.)
  • 4 Sleeve options: gathered cap, basic cap, flutter and long sleeve. Additionally you can create a sleeveless version by omitting the flutter and just using the binding on the armscye.
  • Quick sew that is great for beginners!


The Miss Mary Mack is available in sizes 12mo- 14 girls. It is sized generously in the chest area, so if the child you are sewing for is in-between sizes, it is suggested you should size down.

I made Vivi Lou the 18 month size. Vivi was between sizes, however I did go with the larger size, so that she could continue to wear these into the Fall. I highly suggest making one in scrap fabric first to try on for size. I used fabric left over from the layette I made her last summer to test for size before I continued. Her mom and I were very happy with the fit of the 18 mo.

Cotton Lycra from RCF. This is my fit test version.

Fabrics and Notions

The Miss Mary Mack is designed for knit fabrics. Fabrics such as cotton lycra, interlock, jersey, rib knits would work perfectly. Even some Liverpool and Ponte knits would work. All of the fabrics I used are from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and they are all cotton lycra. A few of these I bought specifically for her first birthday, however others were left over from some of my own personal projects. Most of them are still available on their website.

Vivi is all ready for the 4th of July! Notice on the bottom right the tag I put on all the clothing I make for the littles in my life. Miss Mary Mac with a silver button logo.

I love that the 12 and 18 month sizes only use one-half yard of fabric! This pattern is a great way to use up small pieces of fabric you have laying around. It can be color-blocked, therefore allowing you to use up some of the tiniest scraps! It really is the ultimate scrap buster!!

The only notion you need for this sew is THREAD!

Sew Mary Mac’s Tips for the Miss Mary Mack

  • Don’t have little ones to sew for? Use this pattern to use up some of your scrap stash and then donate them!
  • Don’t be afraid to color block to make the best of your stash! Kids clothes often feature some of the craziest color combinations~ and they always look cute!
  • Be sure to attach and sew the neck binding on with a zigzag/stretch stitch. You need this to be able to stretch over the little’s head! I sadly have found that some children’s patterns (from other companies) are hard to pull over a baby/toddler head sometimes. True story~ I have a large teddy bear in my sewing room that I always test neckbands on before attaching!
  • Batch sew! I cut the majority of my Mary Mack’s out together and them sewed them up assembly line style. It truly helps it go much faster! It helps to stick with fabrics that can use the same color thread. I made 5 for Vivi’s birthday in one day.
  • Although the pattern is designed for knits~ it will totally work if you use a knit for the bodice and sleeves and a woven for the skirt portion.
  • Lengthen the Miss Mary Mack for a great nightgown!
  • For endless ideas for creating your own Miss Mary Mack, search Pat English in the Love Notions Facebook group. She is the queen of the Miss Mary Mack and hers are so inspiring!

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Mary Anne 🙂

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You can grab the Miss Mary Mack pattern here.

This is an affiliate link. It costs you nothing to purchase from this link, it just helps fund my fabric addiction which allows me to test and review more patterns.

To receive an additional 10% off the pattern price, use this coupon code MARYMAC10. This coupon code can be used at anytime on any pattern….even a $5 Feature Friday pattern. It never expires!!

Do you need more children’s options in your pattern collection? The Li’l Laundry Day Tee dress and Everyday Playdress are two other great options! They are also on sale for $5 as the July1, 2022 Feature Friday patterns. Now is a great time to add them to your library. You can grab these patterns at the links below:

EveryDay PlayDress

Lil Laundry Day Tee Dress

As a Love Notions Ambassador I was gifted this pattern. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Ballad Blouse and Block Fusing

Today I wanted to share with you my newest Love Notions sew~ the Ballad Blouse! And yes, it is the $5 Friday pattern today, 6/17/22. Along with a detailed review of the Ballad Blouse, I also wanted to discuss in detail my top tips for sewing this blouse! Keep reading to learn more!

This is such a perfect blouse for summer. Sewn in the right fabric it will keep you looking cool and comfortable all summer no matter how hot it gets where you live!

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Rhapsody In Blue….

and plum and cream and florals and so on……

If you haven’t made a Rhapsody blouse…what are you waiting for? Don’t be like me and miss out on this awesome pattern any longer. Can you believe that I had never made one until just a few weeks ago. Fast forward to today~ and I now have 5!!

I LOVE this pattern! My go to woven top pattern used to be the Harmony, and although I still love my Harmonys~ the Rhapsody has moved to the top! I find it so amazing that one blouse(and dress)pattern can create so many totally different blouses! A casual top to wear with jeans, a dressier blouse to wear to work, or a boho blouse to wear with linen pants~ the Rhapsody can do it all!

I HIGHLY recommend grabbing this week’s Love Notions Feature Friday pattern today (5/20/22) for $5. You will not be disappointed!

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A Good Melody Is Never Out Of Fashion

Someone once said “Sometimes all you need is music if you want to feel better.” I believe that all you need is a Melody if you want to feel better. Are you in a sewing funk, lost your sewjo, can’t decide what to make next? The Melody is the perfect pattern to get you going again. Because we all know that “A good melody is never out of fashion”.

The Melody is the $5 Feature Friday pattern today, 5/13/22. If you don’t have it~ be sure to grab it!

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The Cadence Got Updated~ My Mindset Did Too!

The Love Notions Cadence just got an update for Spring~ and to my surprise my mindset has gotten an update as well! I’m going to be totally honest here. I planned to make this a post simply about the updated Cadence, it’s options and how I made it to fit my pear shape. I made a top version and then a knee length dress. I was happy with them both. Then I went outside with my trusty tripod and took photos. And that’s when it hit me. Everything I thought before about fitting my body changed. Be sure to read down to the Sizing and Alterations section to learn what I discovered!

Oh yeah, and the Cadence is only $5 today, Friday 5/6 and $9 on Saturday and Sunday 5/7 and 5/8. Seriously go grab it~ you won’t be disappointed. This breezy shift style dress deserves a place in everyone’s closet!

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The Best Bang For Your Buck~ Love Notions Spring Sale

In honor of the 40% off site wide sale at Love Notions this week, May2-6, 2022~ I decided to put together a list of patterns that I think give you the most bang for your buck! Not sure which patterns to add to your collection? Well, keep reading to see why these 5 patterns are a great bargain! To win a free Love Notions pattern from me, make sure to read to the end!

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Aria + Linen = Summer Perfection

Have you heard? Love Notions has released a new blouse pattern, the Aria Button-down, and it’s LOVE! I received the pattern a few days ahead of it’s release (as a Love Notions Ambassador) and I’ve already sewn up 3 versions in my favorite fabric for summer ~ LINEN and I’m not done! (I also made a muslin which turned out to be totally wearable!)

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Love Notions Game Day Jersey~ Not Just For Game Day!

The Game Day Jersey is the perfect pattern to make your own “team” jerseys, but this pattern is so much more!! I honestly didn’t think I needed this pattern. Last year when I became a Love Notions Ambassador, each ambassador sewed one up to show we were all a part of the Love Notions team. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually enjoyed wearing this!

Some day I will find just the right fabric to make a “real” team jersey (Go Bruins!), but in the meantime I will be making a few more non-team versions for my closet. Keep reading to see how easy it is to create a “non-jersey” top with this versatile pattern!

There is a whole family of Game Day Jerseys available: Women’s, Men’s and Kids. Today, Friday April 15 they are all on sale for $5 each as the Love Notions Feature Friday patterns!

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Sunday Romper~ The Romper Everyone Can Wear

Back in 2020, I did my first pattern test for Love Notions. It was the Sunday Romper. At that time, I made the dress version~ because I “knew” I would look terrible in a romper! My thoughts were: “I’m too old to wear a romper”, “I’m too short to wear a romper”, “Pear shapes can’t wear rompers” and the excuses went on.

Fast forward to 2022 and well~ you guessed it~ At almost 60 years old, this “petite pear” made herself a romper and she LOVES it!

Regardless of your age, size, shape or height~ we all deserve some secret pajamas! The SUNDAY ROMPER belongs in EVERYONE’s closet! Today, 4/01/22 it’s on sale for just $5!

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Magical Metra Blazer ~ From Love Notions

First off, I just need to say that I had so much fun sewing this pattern! I purchased the Metra Blazer pattern when it first released, had it printed at the copy shop and then it just sat in my sewing room. What I love about Feature Fridays, is that as an ambassador I often try to sew one up so I can post about it and I am SO happy I did! WHY oh why did I wait so long to sew this up!?!?!?!

So trust me, if you haven’t sewn one, you need to! I made my wearable muslin~ which I actually LOVE and suddenly I wished I had sewn this so long ago! If you think you aren’t the blazer type of person, I would give this a try. I NEVER wore blazers, even before I retired and I want a closet full of them now!


The Metra is a simple casual blazer with two collar options. You can choose between the classic shawl collar and the modern wide lapel collar. It features in seam welt pockets that are much easier to construct than you might think! What I love most about this pattern are the great construction techniques that help you create an amazing, clean inside finish. I love when the inside of a garment is as pretty as the outside!

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