The Terra Tunic Gets an Update!

The Terra Tunic from Love Notions has gotten a long awaited update! This is such a versatile pattern that can easily update your work and casual wardrobes! As a Love Notions ambassador I was able to test this pattern and sew up a few versions. You’re gonna need this pattern, trust me!

The Terra Tunic is the $5 Feature Friday pattern for Friday 2/25/22. It will be $9 Saturday and Sunday 2/26 and 2/27. You can grab the pattern HERE. Make sure to read to the end to get an additional coupon code!

The Details

The Terra Tunic is a straight fitting top, not too fitted and not too oversized. The chunky 2 1/2″ hem with side vents is one of my favorite features of this pattern. The back is slightly longer than the front, giving you plenty of coverage.

The Terra has 6- yes 6 neckline options: scoop, V-Neck, funnel, asymmetrical, boatneck and V-neck hood. Also included are 4 sleeve lengths: short, elbow, 3/4 and long. (As you can see, I am a big fan of 3/4 sleeves.) Optional welt pockets and elbow patches are also included.

The best thing about the Terra is that you can fill your closet with them. By mixing and matching the different options in addition to different fabric types you can create many unique tops!

My newest obsession right now is the V-neck hood version. I typically never make the hooded version of things, because I always feel that the hood is choking me. I just love the look and feel of this V-neck hood. I made 2 of this version and have another one (or 2) planned.


The Terra is designed for light to medium weight knits with at least 25% stretch. French Terry, Ponte, sweater knits, double knits, cotton/lycra and polyester blends are all suitable. Keep in mind that your fabric choice can significantly change the look of your Terra. One of the things I often do is search a pattern in the Love Notions Facebook group or on Instagram to see versions other sewists have made. This can help you see how the garment drapes/fits in different fabrics.

My favorite Terra is the oatmeal French Terry version I made. The infamous oatmeal French Terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics is the softest and “squishiest” fabric you will ever wear. This made the perfect V-neck hooded version which gives me all the beach vibes. So much so that I popped over to the beach last week when we had a fluke 60 degree day for photos!

I love the way the Terra can look so much dressier in a sweater knit. My “animal spot” hack sweater knit will be getting a lot of wear.

I also made a version in sweatshirt fleece. Talk about warm and cuddly! I like how this version has a bit more structure to it. Keep in mind that this fabric barely had 25% stretch- it would be best not to make the funnel neck version with this (it might be hard to get over your head.) Keep reading to find out where you can get directions for my funnel hack.

Sizing and Fit

The Terra has been updated, and is now available in sizes XS through 5X. The Terra has also been updated to include an FBA front piece. YAY!!

Choose your size based on your high bust measurement. If in between sizes- go smaller. If your Full bust is 4″ or more than your High bust, you should use the FBA front piece. Remember using the FBA front piece adds 2″ to the waist and hip finished measurements.

I have made the XL with the FBA front piece and then graded out to the 2X hip. I shortened the body by 1-1/2″. I shortened the sleeves by 1″.

Important Note: If you are smaller through your shoulder/neck area and making the boatneck version, I strongly suggest making a wearable muslin first. My green strip version really needed to be adjusted for a slight gaping neckline. (Oops- next time). I will be honest though- I LOVE the look of a nice boatneck- however, I don’t think it is the most flattering for my body type.

FBA or No FBA???

An FBA or Full Bust Adjustment is a pattern adjustment that can be made to add fullness to your pattern piece in the bust area, without sacrificing the fit at your shoulders and neckline. If you search FBA online, you will find several different ways to do this pattern adjustment. There are varying ways to do this alternation which can confuse sewists. I LOVE that Love Notions has done this work for me. (All patterns will be updated eventually to include this.)

Have you ever wondered how using or not using the FBA piece can actually help affect the fit of your tops? Have you ever wondered if you should use the FBA front piece or not? If you are like me and have a difference between high and full bust of exactly 4″- have you thought FBA or no FBA?

The photos below show exactly why I was so excited for the FBA update. (Yes, I could do my own FBA- but sometimes I am a lazy sewist.). This navy blue stripe boatneck version was made a few years ago- keep in mind that is too small right now(thanks COVID). I loved this Terra, but I found I didn’t reach for it often. Why? Well, because it looked great when I was standing- but the second I moved around or lifted my arms, the top would bunch up above my bust and would not go back down. I found myself always tugging at it. If I sized up to a bigger size to fit my bust, then the shoulders and neckline would be too big. This is how the FBA helps- it gives you the extra room you need at your bust.

Planning on making a striped version? Keep reading for some tips when matching stripes when sewing an FBA version.

Funnel Neck Hack

Would it even be a Sew Mary Mac blog post if I didn’t include a little hack? This is a hack that I have done on the Sloane Sweater. I started out with the scoop neck version. I then drafted by own funnel neck piece for a chunkier funnel. For exact directions for this collar visit my Sloane blog post HERE.

Sew Mary Mac’s Tips for a Terrific Terra

  • When stitching the wide 2 1/2″ hem in place, use a fusible web adhesive such as HeatNBond Soft Stretch. A product like this helps to keep the hem from developing ripples. You can read more about this product and details on how I use it in this blog post HERE.
  • When sewing the boatneck version, baste the neckline at the inner shoulder to stabilize it before sewing on your buttons. See photos below.
  • Sew your buttons on with your machine! Visit this blog post to see more details!
  • When cutting out/matching stripes for an FBA version, match your front and back side seam stripes at the vent corner and star marking. If you use the underarm point, your stripes will not match up properly. When sewing an FBA version, there is an area between the underarm and waist that will be eased to fit(thus providing more room for the bust). It’s most important for the stripes to match from the waist down- especially at the vent since this area will be more visible.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mary Anne 🙂

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You can purchase the Terra Tunic pattern HERE. This is an affiliate link. It costs you nothing to purchase from this link, it just helps fund my fabric addiction which allows me to test and review more patterns.

To receive 10% off the pattern price, use this coupon code SEWMARY10. This coupon code can be used at anytime on any pattern….even a $5 Feature Friday pattern. This code changes every quarter, so if you find this code not working please go to my newest blog post to find the current code.

Most fabrics featured in this blog post were purchased by me from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and Stylemaker Fabrics.

Stylemaker Fabrics is one of my most favorite online fabric shops. They have a curated collection of beautiful fabrics. Many fabrics are available year round, such as rayons, linens, sweater knits, wool coating and knits(French Terry and jersey).

Raspberry Creek Fabrics is a custom fabric retailer. Each season new cotton lycra, French Terry, DBP and Rib knit prints are released. There are also holiday specific fabrics released as well. In addition, Tami brings in other quality fabrics from time to time as well such as linens and flannels.

As a Love Notions Ambassador, I was given this pattern during testing free of charge. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.


      • Karena says:

        It really is meaningful for me, as a not-so-experienced sewist: I love all the tips and hacks and willingness to share ideas. It’s a wonderful, welcoming community – with terrific patterns! 🙂


      • sewmarymac says:

        Yes it is!!! I am a retired Home Ec teacher- and I’m so glad I found this community after I retired! I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and I’m so happy to hear that you find my information helpful!


  1. Andrea says:

    Hi. On another post in Love Notions you show Heat and Bond Soft Stretch as a product you use for hemming knits. The instructions say to heat iron to high. But I’m using DBP and that doesn’t work. Will it bond to DBPat a lower temp?


    • sewmarymac says:

      Yes- I graded from an XL to a 2X for the hip. I began grading out from the XL at the waist area then out to the 2X throughout hip. I used the 2X vent cutting lines as well


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