Sewing For My Post-Holiday “Fluffiness”

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The holiday season is my favorite for many reasons: Family get-togethers, decorating for the holidays, holiday baking, my daughters coming home and so many other activities. My home is always full of love, happiness and good food. And it’s the good food that “gets me in trouble”. I love to bake and cook, and I love to eat what I bake and cook. Inadvertently~ I always put on a few pounds during the holidays. I’m not going to stress about it~ I will walk it off over the next couple of weeks. The problem ~ I’m just not comfortable in some of my clothing.

I don’t want to sew or buy larger clothing. What sense does it make to sew clothes that will fit me now and then be too big in a few weeks? What I need is to do is sew a few items that will make me feel comfortable now, yet still fit once I walk away those extra pounds. So, I went through my closet and looked over my Love Notions patterns and selected a few that will work perfectly for this “transitional” phase. Below are the 5 patterns that I’ll be sewing right now.

Love Notions Patterns are on sale 30% off between Monday, Jan 2 through Friday Jan 6, 2023. In addition you may use my coupon code (SEWMARY10) for an additional 10% off. Be sure to read to the end of my post to learn how you can win a free Love Notions pattern from me! (GIVEAWAY OVER)

1. Sloane Sweater

It is no secret that I LOVE the Sloane sweater. I’ve dedicated 2 blog posts to it already (plus it’s included on a few other posts as well). You can read my Sloane Sweater blog posts HERE and HERE. (This post include a lot of basic information about all the versions of the Sloane.)

Whenever I gain a a few extra pounds, it always winds up on my hips. My Sloane Sweater still fits fine in the shoulders partly due to the slightly dropped shoulder. They are just a tad too snug in the hip area for me to wear comfortably. My split side seam hack is working perfectly for me right now. I made a brown sweater knit version (with a funnel neck hack also) in November and I had been living in it, so I quickly made another one.

This gray rib sweater knit Sloane is now getting worn constantly. I WILL be making one or two more to get through the winter. Once I get back to my happy weight, I can still wear them as is, or I can hand stitch the split seam closed if I feel they are too baggy.

For directions on how to complete this split side seam and the funnel neck ~ visit this blog post.

Note: The gray rib sweater knit version has a slightly higher split (5″) than my original version. I found it was most flattering on me to the the split start above the fullest part of my hip. You can alway baste your side seam and try on your Sloane before you attach the bands to determine the best placement for you.

2. Rockford Raglan

The Rockford Raglan, View B, has just the right amount of “swing” or fullness to camouflage my fluff. My newest version, this floral hacci knit version is made in my pre-fluff size. (L-full bust graded to an XL). The design ease gives me the extra room that I need right now in the hip area. Later on there will just be a tad more fullness in the hip area(which the intended fit). If I decide I can always take in the side seams very easily later on, but I probably won’t.

I have written a whole blog post on the Rockford Raglan. You can read how I alter this pattern for my petite pear shape HERE. I’ve also included a few hacks on that blog post as well.

NOTE: The Rockford Raglan is my go to top for layering basics. I have this top in about 10 different colors of rib knit to wear underneath cardigans, blazers and vests.

3. Compose “Cardigan”

I love the Compose Robe I made myself last year, in fact I wear it every day. In December I made myself a “Lounge Cardigan” in the softest sweatshirt fleece from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. My intention for this cardigan was to wear it at home during the holidays., but now I find myself wanting to wear it every day! I love the adorable Holiday Mug print, but it isn’t something I can wear every day~ so I decided to make another one in a sweater knit! This would also be a great option for those knits you might have that don’t have enough stretch for other knit cardigan patterns.

Custom Printed Sweatshirt Fleece from Raspberry Creek Fabrics for my Lounge Cardigan

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my Boyfriend cardigans. Since that pattern isn’t designed to meet at the center front, I find myself a tad uncomfortable at the moment. Cardigans are always great when you are between sizes since they are forgiving~ I just need a little more room right now. Down the road, I can wear these cardigans tied as a wrap cardigan!

Turning the Compose Robe into the Compose Cardigan

  • Shortened the knee length robe by 9″.
  • Decreased size of pocket.
  • Slimmed the sleeve from underarm down to wrist.
  • Shortened the sleeve and added a cuff.
  • Narrowed the width of the belt loops and the belt.
  • You can even add buttons if desired!

To learn more about the Compose Robe pattern~ read this blog post.

4. Aria

I fell in love with the Aria last Spring and Summer. But, I fell in love with it all over again when the weather got cooler and I started sewing for Fall and Winter. I made these long sleeved versions in a flannel plaid, seersucker gingham and plaid linen. They have all been getting worn a ton. This button-down has a casual loose fit and when worn open over a layering piece it makes a great transition piece. The Aria is perfect for going from warm to cool temps and back again. It’s also perfect when worn open as it gives me that extra room that I need at my hips right now. I typically wear my Arias over the short sleeved La Bella Donna or the Rockford Raglan.

I have another flannel version planned. The Robert Kaufman flannel is great quality flannel and so soft. It is definitely a thicker flannel than you might find elsewhere. Because of this, I only interfaced 1 collar piece so it wouldn’t be too bulky. I also created a continuous lap opening at the cuff instead of the tower placket.

Modifications made for my linen plaid version:

  • Lengthened the sleeve and eliminated the cuff
  • Added lower pockets

Right now I’m in the process of sewing up a worsted wool vest using the Aria as my base. I can’t wait to finish it and show it off! It took me a lot longer to cut it out (matching the plaid and playing fabric Tetris) than I had anticipated. Some of the modifications I’m making to create my vest are:

  • Straighten the hem of the shirt version.
  • Added a lower pocket (like seen on the rust linen version above)
  • Eliminated the sleeve and finished the armscye with bias tape.

To learn more about all the options of the Aria and how I fit this to my petite pear shape, check out THIS BLOG POST.

5. Arlington Sweater

I find the Arlington Sweater have a very generous fit. That combined with the a knit with a lot of stretch, it can be very forgiving for my problem area. These 2 Arlingtons were sewn last fall when the pattern was released. They are both made in my typical size L(full bust) graded to an XL. If I were to measure myself now, I would be an XL(full bust) graded to a 2X.

On the left is me wearing my black cable knit version last year. On the right is me wearing the same sweater this week.

For complete details on how I altered this pattern to fit my pear shape, visit this blog post.

Still need help deciding which patterns to grab during this sale? Check out my other blog posts linked below for more info and details on Love Notions Patterns.

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Mary Anne 🙂

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You can shop for Love Notions Patterns HERE.

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For a chance to win one Love Notions pattern from me, simply comment on this blog post with your sewing goal for this year! One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Winner must be able to provide me with the email address linked to their Love Notions account. Good Luck!!


  1. Pat Semeraro says:

    My sewing goal is to learn how to fit patterns to my shape better and have more confidence “hacking” patterns. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Vicki O says:

    Love your blog! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful sewing inspiration for us. I enjoy seeing your beautiful creations all made up for some one about my size so I can tell if they will work for my body. My goal this year is to use up a lot of my stash and try to be as creative as you and some of the other moderators that post for LN! I want to spend more time sewing and less time browsing!


    • sewmarymac says:

      Thank you, that makes me so happy that your enjoy the content that I work on! I’m trying to sew more from my stash ~ it’s just so hard to resist awesome fabrics! I find so much inspiration in the LN group and Instagram as well. I have started to try to limit my online time~ and I find I do get more sewing more!


  3. Jamie says:

    My goal for this year is to sew more for myself. I usually sew for my daughter and occasionally for my boys. I have discovered Love Notions patterns fit me well, so I would love to make myself at least 4 new shirts, a couple new dresses, and I am planning on giving the jeans a try!


  4. Sheila A Shaw says:

    I hope to make more “makes” with Love Notions patterns this year. My Legato jeans turned out almost perfect-just a little big in the waist. Anxious to try more with better denim fabric. I enjoy all your pics & info! Thank you.


  5. Karen Warrick says:

    I am going to attempt the new blue jeans pattern for my granddaughter. She likes boutique style jeans with lots of bling. To start off, she found my white snakeskin denim in my stash. (It’s fake skin, trust me!!) I bought it on clearance somewhere years ago, just to use for jean pattern muslins. And she loves it! Who knew? Lol. Next up is the Compose Cardigan idea. I love that!!! I’ve been looking for a good house sweater pattern, and I think you just found it for me! How cleaver! Thank you so much for sharing, and have a great New Year!


  6. Leanna Rose says:

    My goals are to use fabric I have to sew some love notions makes for myself. I often sew for my kids because it feels easier to fit them.


  7. Tania says:

    My goal is to actually sew, not just think and plan to see. I have soooo much fabric, and recently discovered Love Notions patterns, so I’m keen to make garments that I can get to fit properly!


  8. Joanne L says:

    2023, goal, well fitting pants! And more importantly all I will learn thru the process
    Finger crossed for more fun and less frustration!


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