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Breezing Into Spring with the Ballad Blouse

…A Mini Pattern Hack Blog Post

As soon as March rolls around, I have no interest in sewing for anything other than Spring! Want to get a jumpstart on your Spring sewing? (At least here in the Northeast, we aren’t wearing Spring clothes quite yet!) Grab the Ballad Blouse pattern, you won’t be disappointed.

Today, 3/24/2023 the Love Notions $5 Feature Friday pattern is the Ballad Blouse. It’s a great versatile blouse that can be worn all seasons, but I especially love it in Spring and Summer. I decided to begin my Spring sewing with a sleeve hack for this fun blouse.

If you want ALL the details on the Ballad, such as sizing, options, fabric recommendations and sewing tips visit my Original Ballad Blouse blog post HERE. Also included in that blog post is an explanation on how to Block Fuse your interfacing pieces~ if you’re not doing that with your rayons ~ you should!

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The Ballad Blouse and Block Fusing

Edited 3/24/23: The Ballad is the $5 Feature Friday pattern today only! I wrote this blog post last year, but I still love this blouse. Make it perfect for Spring with the long or short sleeve versions.! I have created a short puffed sleeve with an added ruffle. You can read all about how to do that on this blog post HERE.

Today I wanted to share with you my newest Love Notions sew~ the Ballad Blouse! Along with a detailed review of the Ballad Blouse, I also wanted to discuss in detail my top tips for sewing this blouse! Keep reading to learn more!

This is such a perfect blouse for summer. Sewn in the right fabric it will keep you looking cool and comfortable all summer no matter how hot it gets where you live!

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