Made 4 Mermaids Jordan Dress

I am a repeat sewer, I admit it! As much as I want to sew all the new Indie releases that I see pop up on Instagram, when I find a pattern that works for me- I sew it again and again and again!

When I choose a new to me pattern, I always make a wearable muslin(this also helps me use up my very large fabric stash 😂). I alter, adjust and tweak it to fit my petite curvy shape perfectly. Once I’ve done this I find that I can’t help but make the pattern over and over and over again!

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Raspberry Creek Fabrics Suit Up For Summer Tour 2020

Swim fabrics are NOT just for bathing suits! I just needed to put that out there! Keep reading to find out how I use them.

It’s that time of year(especially this year!)when we’re all dreaming about summer, the sun, the beach and waves. To top it off all these beautiful swim fabrics are being released! Hello Raspberry Creek Fabrics! Most of us probably think that if we don’t like sewing swimwear- then we miss out on all these gorgeous prints! I’m here to tell you — NOT TRUE! Raspberry Creek Fabrics sent me these three amazing fabrics to sew up and I’m going to share what I did with them with you!

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