The LBD Laundry Day Tee Dress

(The Little Black Dress Laundry Day Tee Dress)

Make sure you read to the end to find a coupon code!

LDT dress with a Boyfriend Cardigan- a PERFECT combination!

I think most of my followers know that I LOVE the Laundry Day Tee Dress from Love Notions! If you didn’t know that, I suggest you click HERE and read all about my love of the LDT dress.

This past Spring and Summer I basically lived in my LDT dresses. Partly because they are so comfortable and partly because I’m dealing with some post COVID fluffiness. As the temperature started to drop and leaves started to change I realized I needed a Fall LDT dress.

So, I shopped my stash and came across a beautiful heavy weight black rib knit that I had purchased from Boho Fabrics last year. I thought to myself, “What if I make a solid black Laundry Day Tee dress?!” And the rest is history!!

The LDT became my LBD! Never could I have ever realized that this one dress would get worn as much as it already has been!

To make this the perfect Fall dress, I made my first 3/4 sleeve version. I did slim the sleeve just a tad so it wouldn’t get pushed up when wearing it under a jacket or cardigan. Other than that one change, I made it exactly the same as all my other LDT dresses. (For fitting and fabric tips, see my original LDT Blog Post HERE.)

I have already worn this dress into the city (NYC) twice within a month. It’s the perfect city dress. When getting to the city, I drive my car to the ferry, take the ferry across the Hudson River, and then depending what I’m doing that day I sometimes wind up on the Subway. I didn’t have to worry about my black dress getting dirty. This rib knit is thicker, so it isn’t clingy and doesn’t wrinkle.

I think it also looks cute with my Leopard Keds sneakers, which is a must for me when walking around the city all day/night. And, I have already discovered there are so many different ways I can wear this dress!

Ways to Wear a LBD LDT:

  • With sneakers, sandals or boots depending on the occasion
  • Plain and Simple- with or without a statement necklace
  • Scarves (I’m excited to buy a new one or two for this dress)
  • Denim Jacket (my favorite way right now)
  • Sweater vest (RTW or Handmade). A LN Canyon Cardigan vest would be perfect!! (Yup on my To-Sew list!)
  • Cargo Vest (RTW or Handmade)
  • Cardigan- the Boyfriend cardigan is perfect!
  • A Blazer!!!- which I don’t have, but I guess I’m going to be making a Metra Blazer real soon! (I already bought the perfect fabric for it!)

And YES, I can bet my next trip into the city I will be wearing my LBD. But, it will also be perfect for date night with Mr. SewMaryMac. It will also be great to pack for one of our getaways~ it won’t wrinkle and will be perfect for any occasion.

Trust me– you all NEED to make yourself a LBD LDT dress! Even though we have headed into colder weather here- I will still be wearing my LDT. It is the perfect dress for a dinner out. I’m thinking of finding a new pair of boots or booties and some tights!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

MaryAnne 🙂

You can read my original LDT dress blogpost here, where I discuss fitting and fabric selection.

To receive 10% off any Love Notions pattern order- use my coupon code MARYMAC10. This coupon is good even on sale prices! This code never e Click below to purchase any LN pattern.

You can purchase any Love Notions pattern by clicking HERE. This is my affiliate link. It costs you nothing to purchase from this link, it just helps fund my fabric addiction.

Fabric Information:

Boho Fabrics

Heavy weight 4 X 2 rib knit, 370 gsm

This was purchased last year, but they still have a great selection of heavier weight rib and sweater knits.

The following knit would work nicely:

Stylemakers Fabrics

This knit is available in a dozen colors, it is a bit more expensive but the quality is amazing!

The Laundry Day Tee dress is free to anyone who joins the Love Notions Facebook group. There is a code in the Announcement post to use to purchase this pattern for free.

I am a Love Notions Brand Ambassador~but my love for their patterns began years ago! As always my opinions are my own.

This is not a sponsored post.

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