The Classic Tee: the not so basic tee from Love Notions Patterns

I think a lot of sewists are always on the search for the perfect “basic” t-shirt pattern. I am certainly no exception!

I have always been a big fan of the Classic Tee from Love Notions Patterns. (In fact, I am a fan all Love Notions Patterns!). I love the built in FBA that it includes- it fits me perfectly. I could of course do that on my own- but it’s one less alteration I have to do.

Over the past few years I have made many short sleeved versions of the tee, mostly v- necks. I always use the Full Bust pattern piece, shorten the length of the top about 2” and grade out one size for my hips.

This Fall I wanted a few long sleeved tees that could be layered but also stand on their own. This was one area of my handmade wardrobe that was clearly lacking! (Those that follow me on Insta or on the Love Notions Facebook page know I clearly am NOT lacking Sloanes or Rockfords!)

So I pulled out my trusty Classic Tee pattern and got to work. Previously I had only made the V-neck version, but for the colder weather I wanted a higher neckline. So, I set out to create a collection of Classic tees that weren’t so basic at all!

Fabric choice plays a big role in the outcome of a pattern. Different fabrics can make the same pattern look entirely different.

Versions 1 and 2 above are both the basic crew neck (lowered about an inch). As you can see, the thicker sweater knit has an entirely different look than the thinner rib knit.

Wide Lush Rib Knit from Mily Mae Fabrics

Version 3 features the same lowered crew neck – but for this drapy solid rib knit I wanted the sleeve to be the focal point. I cut the sleeve pattern lengthwise into 3 pieces and spread the sleeve pattern piece apart to add fullness. I added 1” between each section. I then added 3” of length to the sleeve to create the casing at the wrist. Lastly to create the Puff sleeve, I cut the pattern across the sleeve head and raised it 1”. When constructing, I gathered the sleeve cap between the notches, but concentrated the gathers 3” on either side of the shoulder seam

If you need more visual directions, simply Google “Puff sleeve or Bishop sleeve” hack and you’ll find plenty out there!

Rib knit from Mily Mae Fabrics

Version 4 uses the funnel neckline and funnel collar from the Terra Tunic(also a Love Notions pattern). I increased the length of the funnel collar pattern piece to create a slouchy turtleneck. I think this is my favorite version! It’s great for layering in colder weather, I’ve worn it on 2 hikes already!

I’ve got a few new Classic Tees planned. I’m thinking some solid “basics”. I’ve got some beautiful solid rib knits coming from Raspberry Creek Fabrics that are destined to become some Classics!

Thanks for reading! If you want to see more Classic Tees in the next few weeks, be sure to follow me on my Instagram @sewmarymac or look for me on the Love Notions Pattern Support Facebook page!

Mary Anne

All fabrics were purchased by me. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


You can purchase the Classic Tee pattern HERE.

Be sure to use my code MARYMAC10 for 10% off this or any pattern (even sales!)THIS CODE WILL NOT WORK FOR THE SPECIAL SALE ON 9/30/22.

After this post was written, I did become an Ambassador for Love Notions Patterns. As always, my opinions are all my own.

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